Wormhole raises record $225M in fundraising; Filecoin (FIL) and InQubeta (QUBE) set sights on big leaps



Wormhole, a messaging protocol that enables communication across blockchains, has attracted a lot of attention since acquiring $225 million in funding, which puts the company’s valuation at $2.5 billion. This incredible feat signifies the largest investment round for a cryptocurrency project in 2023. Filecoin (FIL) and InQubeta (QUBE) have also placed their sights on giant performances, coinciding with Wormhole’s milestone. 

The decentralized storage network Filecoin hopes to meet the rising need for safe, decentralized data storage options. InQubeta, on the other hand, is a crypto ICO that connects blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) startups. Its thriving community and excellent marketing techniques have propelled it to be listed among the best DeFi projects. 

Let’s explore the development paths of InQubeta and Filecoin and the significance of Wormhole’s successful fundraising campaign.

InQubeta’s stellar presale performance points to a potential bullish rally

InQubeta’s native token, QUBE, has gained popularity as a high-performance token as investors rush to buy QUBE tokens in the presale. InQubeta also provides a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace where AI startups can offer investment opportunities as NFTs to interested investors, thus fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem. AI projects can mint equity and rewards into popular NFTs, which investors can purchase. 

In addition, users of the QUBE token can earn cryptocurrency rewards by using its staking mechanism. These staking benefits are financed by tax money and are overseen by the InQubeta team. Another reason InQubeta has been listed among the best DeFi projects is due to its robust security framework, certified by respected organizations like Hacken and BlockAudit.

Early investors might become millionaires when the QUBE token launches and institutional adoption starts. Its crypto ICO has already seen giant leaps in its presale, selling over 555 million QUBE tokens and raising more than $5.6 million in funding. The token’s outstanding 130% increase from its starting value of $0.007 to $0.0161 demonstrates its track record of making gains. By the end of the presale, QUBE is expected to reach $0.0308, giving new investors a 90% profit margin before QUBE goes live on exchanges and soars in value.

InQubeta’s token is deflationary, which promotes long-term gains, and is one of its best features. As a deflationary token, QUBE’s supply is usually less than its demand. This scarcity aims to avoid too frequent variations in the token price. To gradually decrease the quantity, additional tokens that enter the InQubeta ecosystem are burned in the token burn wallet.

InQubeta also incorporates several rewarding chances and staking bonuses into its DeFi platform, ensuring users’ residual income. Analysts predict that the launch of InQubeta may set off a meteoric rise. If QUBE keeps growing at this rate, it might soon be valued amongst the top DeFi projects.  The success of Wormhole’s fundraising, coupled with InQubeta’s strategic aspirations, underscores the increasing importance of blockchain technology in reshaping traditional industries.

Filecoin’s adoption indicates massive upside growth

FIL has grown steadily because decentralized storage solutions are used more frequently. Filecoin is predicted to see giant leaps in demand as more companies and individuals look for safe, dependable storage solutions that provide them with greater control over their data.

Filecoin’s impact has been felt gradually over the past few months, and there are signs that the value of its token, FIL, may increase. Demand for Filecoin’s storage products surged by 45% in Q3 of this year due to the network’s ecosystem expansion. The FIL token has recovered more than 80% from its lows from the previous month, suggesting that plans are underway to reach previous highs before the year ends. The platform is growing, and future Filecoin network upgrades may bolster the anticipated upward trend of FIL.


Wormhole aims to have a significant influence on how blockchain technology develops. With its recent funding, significant organizational adjustments, and ability to overcome challenges, Wormhole is focused on its aim of facilitating seamless communication across blockchain networks, which is an added advantage to InQubeta and Filecoin. 

InQubeta’s unique offerings and focus on AI investments confirm its long-term potential to surge. The NFT marketplace also allows entrepreneurs to list their popular NFTs for a broad audience and opens doors for various investors. The platform has a solid basis for growth after raising millions of dollars in its ongoing presale. Investing in the QUBE presale is a highly profitable opportunity that should be taken advantage of while the price is still low. 

For more information on InQubeta, visit InQubeta Presale, or Join The InQubeta Communities.


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