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    This page is an experimental faucet, a common thing on most cryptocurrency coins. Here you can receive some free Nano (XNO) to learn and experiment with Nano. See it as a small token of appreciation for using our page and the Nano network.

    By submitting the following form with a Nano wallet address it will receive some free XNO. Currently you may receive anything between 0.00005 and 0.002000000 XNO. This may change in the future.

    Donations to this address nano_3cdu47t1ke1bteszq14fg7jxkdeh14r6or5if7htkh5nk6c85n9kciscz9bg will go directly to the faucet.

    You can submit once a week. Claims will be sent out manually in bundles.

    Thanks for stopping by our faucet 🙂

    Nano Faucet for Android
    Nano Faucet for Android

    Faucet launch date: 2023 July

    Last payment sent: 19/09/2023

    Successful claims: 551

    Donations received: 4.008853 XNO

    DutchyCorp : Highest Paying AutoFaucet

    Faucet Friends With Proven Payment

    TipNano (XNO Android faucet app)

    Litecoin (once per hour)

    Dogecoin (once per hour)

    Global Hive (ZEC daily)

    PipeFlare (ZEC, MATIC, SHIB daily)

    Final AutoFaucet

    Fire Faucet



    BetFury (Gambling and Staking)

    Windice (Gambling and Faucet)