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    Please disable any ad-blocker to use the free Howdy Little Crypto faucet.

    This page is an experimental faucet, a common thing on most cryptocurrency coins. Here you can receive some free Nano (XNO) to learn and experiment with Nano. See it as a small token of appreciation for using our page and the Nano network.

    By submitting the following form with a Nano wallet address it will receive some free XNO. Currently you may receive anything between 0.00005 and 0.002000000 XNO. This may change in the future.

    Donations to this address nano_3cdu47t1ke1bteszq14fg7jxkdeh14r6or5if7htkh5nk6c85n9kciscz9bg will go directly to the faucet.

    You can submit once a week. Claims will be sent out manually in bundles.

    Thanks for stopping by our faucet 🙂

    Nano Faucet for Android
    Nano Faucet for Android

    Faucet launch date: 2023 July

    Last payment sent: 02/21/2024

    Successful claims: 2178

    Donations received: 12.019364 XNO


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    Faucet Friends With Proven Payment

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    Presearch (Search Engine alternative, PRE Token) – EASY

    FaucetPay (Micro Wallet with huge list of verified faucets) – EASY

    Litecoin (once per hour) – MEDIUM

    Dogecoin (once per hour) – EASY

    Global Hive (ZEC daily) – HARD

    PipeFlare (ZEC, MATIC, SHIB, 1FLR daily) – EASY

    Final AutoFaucet (79 coins available as of 02/21/2024) – EASY

    Fire FaucetHARD



    BetFury (Gambling and Staking) – EASY – No Deposit 100 free spins promo with this link

    Windice (Gambling and Faucet) – MEDIUM