Hans Zimmer Composed a Tron ‘Anthem’ for Justin Sun—Yes, Really



Academy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer has crafted some of cinema’s most iconic scores for films including “Inception,” “The Dark Knight,” “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Gladiator,” and “The Lion King.” His musical themes have introduced audiences to far-away planets, Sherlock Holmes’ Victorian London, and the world of James Bond. 

Now, Zimmer has apparently focused his musical prowess on a far less sweeping subject: controversial Tron founder Justin Sun. 

On Tuesday, the composer released a new track titled “The Tron Anthem,” which was, according to Tron representatives, “inspired by Justin Sun and this Web3 future that we hope will bring equity and equality for all.” 

The song—a three-minute smorgasbord of Zimmerian staples including choral moaning, climactic drum beating, and escalating waves of string instrumentals—brings to mind the menu music of a fantasy video game.

According to Tron, the track has been in the works for over two years, ever since Sun approached Zimmer with the idea that the Tron blockchain ecosystem “needed a soundtrack to inspire the community.” 

It is unclear whether Zimmer volunteered to create such a theme, or was paid an undisclosed sum of money to complete it. If so, it would not be the first time Sun has broken out his pocket book to get closer to famous figures; in 2020, he paid $4.57 million to eat dinner with Warren Buffett. 

Decrypt reached out to Tron representatives regarding the financial terms of the collaboration between Zimmer and Tron, but did not immediately receive a response.

According to a press release, the song is something of a collaboration between Zimmer and Sun, “two giants in the worlds of technology, film, and music,” who share an appreciation of “the internet and the way it has shaped technological development over the last quarter century.” 

“Part of my job is to do what you can’t imagine… make music which has a timeless feel about it. Music that makes you want to go and open your arms and embrace the future in the most humanistic way you can,” Zimmer said in a statement regarding the song shared with Decrypt. His comment did not mention Tron or the internet. 

Decrypt reached out to Zimmer’s representatives regarding the collaboration but did not immediately receive a response.

It’s been a bumpy few years for Tron—and for Sun, who founded the blockchain in 2017. In March of last year, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) accused the crypto founder of market manipulation and fraud, saying he manipulated the price of Tron’s TRX token via his company, the Tron Foundation.

In addition to charges of violating securities laws, Sun was also accused of orchestrating a scheme to pay celebrities to promote his cryptocurrencies without disclosing their compensation. Figures named in the suit included Lindsay Lohan, Jake Paul, Soulja Boy, Lil Yachty, and Akon.

Sun has vigorously denied the allegations, claiming that the U.S. government is merely going after “well-known players” in the crypto industry. In February, USDC issuer Circle discontinued support for the stablecoin on Tron, citing a need “to ensure that USDC remains trusted, transparent and safe.”

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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