Following Feedback, Freelancing Platform Uwerx Announces Updates



The Uwerx presale is in full swing and with more than 5,000 signups, the response has caught the development team off guard as they did not expect such a huge turnout.

Apart from this, there has been active feedback from the community, helping the team reconstruct the tokenomics.

One thing that the Uwerx team immediately noticed after the presale opened was the immense response from the crypto and freelancer community.

With the earlier stages of the presale finishing up faster than anticipated, a real dilemma came apparent: Keep things as they are to leave the community yearning for more or give others a chance to participate.

The Uwerx team decided on the latter and has made several updates to its tokenomics. While the total WERX remains the same (750,000,000), the allocations have been revised since.

The most significant change is the increased tokens available in the presale, raised from 45% to 57%. With more tokens, those interested in the presale but left out now have the chance to participate.

This massive change has meant that WERX tokens had to be pulled from other allocations. The user performance incentives have been slashed from 15% to 6.5%. This also serves in creating a more stable long-term outlook for WERX as less will be available, helping its deflationary nature.

The joining incentive has been bumped up another 2% to 6.5%. This will help in onboarding new users to the platform.

With users and the community as the priority, the Uwerx team itself has decided to sacrifice their allocated tokens, reducing the total 8% distribution down to 7%. Going the extra mile, the team has listened to the Uwerx fans and opted to lock in their tokens well before the presale is over.

Supercharge Your Freelancing Career with Uwerx (WERX)

Uwerx has gained recognition amongst freelancers all over the world as the most friendly gig platform – even before its launch.

With marketing options like webinars, and collaboration tools like Asana, Trello, and Slack integrated natively, it will empower freelancers to work more efficiently. Using blockchain, Uwerx will protect IP rights through its immutable records, eliminate escrow costs using smart contracts and even reduce the commission involved (1% – the lowest in the market).

Audits by SolidProof and InterFi Network also show there are no weaknesses visible.

Uwerx (WERX) Presale is Hot and Ending Phase 4 Soon

Seize the rare chance to harness the phenomenal growth trajectory that Uwerx promises in 2023 and beyond. A glimpse into the Alpha Version has already given investors much to celebrate, with the anticipation of the Beta Version only furthering the excitement. At 15:00 UTC this Friday, 2nd June, WERX’s price is set to climb from $0.0315 to $0.041. 

Along with this price change, the current 20% bonus on purchases will be reduced to 15%. This is the perfect moment to enhance your portfolio with WERX at its advantageous price of $0.0315, taking advantage of the attractive 20% bonus on your acquisition.

The doors to this exciting venture are wide open – don’t let this opportunity pass by. 

Click the links below to explore more about Uwerx and position your investments wisely today.

Presale | Telegram | Twitter | Website


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