Honest review of the Minds referral program

Minds has just launched their new referral program and people are more than interested in checking it out and seeing if they can earn some money just by getting their friends onto the platform. They’re offering a staggering 45% commission on referrals, and it breaks down into some very profitable opportunities. Minds is in a constant state of growth and being a part of it is both satisfying and financially rewarding, so it only makes sense to take a serious look at what they’re offering you. To decide if their referral program is really worth your time and interest, it makes sense to first understand the history of Minds and why they’re willing to offer such a high payout in the first place. That will give you a good idea why they want your help in expanding.

History of Minds

Minds is an open source and distributed social media network that lets its users earn cryptocurrency and real money just by using it. It was co-founded in 2011 by two men, John Ottman and Bill Ottman, who believed that big social networks were abusing their users. These big networks, such as Facebook, use data mining, spying to make money with no revenue sharing. Minds was created as an alternative that both offers revenue to its users and refuses to use data mining against them. This is a large part of the reason that its new referral program can be so lucrative.

Types of Referrals

One great thing about the Minds referral program is the fact that they give you multiple ways of earning money on the platform. They have three different options and each one has a percentage that makes sense for the effort you have to put into earning it. It lets you choose a referral that works for you and that you can focus on and get the most out of. You can maximize your earnings without having to go out of your way to get people onto the platform.


The first program is for affiliates that refer people to buy Boosts and subscriptions. That means that anytime someone uses your link to buy one of those services, you’ll earn a 45% commission on it. The example they use is a referral for someone to buy a Boost for $100. Of that initial purchase, the fees for Stripe or other apps will be paid first, leaving a roughly $80 profit for Minds. They then give you 45% of that number, or $36 in return for your referral. It’s a large percentage for getting someone else to spend money on the site.

Affiliate Referrals

The next type is the affiliate referral. This is a way to continue making money off the people you’ve already referred. If you’ve already referred a person to Minds, and they’ve joined, you’ve gotten your first referral payout. Then, later, if that person refers Boosts or Subscriptions to other people, you make another 5% off their sales. For instance, you refer one person to the site, and they sign up. That person then refers another person who purchases a Minds+ subscription. That person makes a percentage of that sale, then you get a percentage of that sale too. It will work every time they make money for the site, so one referral can keep getting you paid for up to one year.

Creator referrals

The final type is the creator referral. This is a program that will make you money when you refer creators that monetize their accounts. These creators earn money once they become popular enough on the platform. If you refer a creator that makes $1000 per month, you’ll be earning 5% of the net profit. That will get you $42.50 per month, just because that person is making money both for and from the platform with their content.

Easy to refer

One of the best things about the referral program is how easy Minds makes it for you to take part in it. All you have to do is share a link and you’ll have a chance to earn your percentage. Each link is valid for 72 hours, so it’s best to encourage the person to use it quickly. You can create a unique affiliate link for eople to use to sign up for the various programs like Minds+, Boost their posts, sign up for Minds Pro,
and sign up as creators. Simply share those links with the right people and the money will almost make itself for you.

Detailed Instructions

Although fully understanding each of the referral programs can be a little challenging, Minds makes sure to explain it thoroughly. They have a full set of instructions as well as pictures to help you figure it all out. So, If you’re interested in taking advantage of the program, then you’ll have all the tools you need to start earning. It’s clear the platform wants to drive new subscriptions and memberships and they’re making sure you earn your fair share of the income it generates.

Conclusion: Minds Referral is a Great Decision

If you’re already a member of Minds, then their new referral program is a great way to earn some extra money. Even if you’re not a member, you can sign up and start referring new people to the platform. They make it easy to understand and the percentages they offer are huge. Few other similar programs offer 45% of their earnings, so it’s more than worth your time to take advantage of it. Start using it today and you can continue to earn off the same people for up to one year. It’s more than worth it to sign up!


  • Earn 45% of all sales you refer for Boost and Minds+/Pro
  • Earn 5% of sales your affiliates make to others
  • Get links to let your referrals sign up with your information embedded


  • Only earn when members pay to boost their posts or get Superminds
  • Minds users can only earn cryptocurrency
  • Less than professional look to site
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